Victory for Hong Kong Wraps Up Successful Rugby World Cup 2019 Trophy Tour Visit

try new keyword!The fifth leg of the Rugby World Cup 2019 Trophy Tour, poker indonesia which will visit 18 countries in the build-up to Rugby World Cup 2019, was part of Hong Kong’s own RWC 2019 journey as they secured a 91-10 victory over Malaysia. Hong Kong now face Korea on 2 June …

That just leaves a team from Africa: Kenya, Morocco, Namibia, Tunisia, Uganda and Zimbabwe are competing in the Africa Gold Cup from mid-June, with the winner off to drink sake and the runner-up Hong Kong’s final opponent.

Namibia shape as a likely winner so it could well be Kenya joining Hong Kong, Portugal and Canada.

Hong Kong trying not to ‘wander’ as huge year of World Cup qualifying kicks off in Asia Rugby Championship

Hong Kong have beaten Kenya in their last two outings so will be confident of doing so again and should be able to more than hold their own against Portugal, which just leaves us with Canada, who have played in every World Cup.

Quite the stumbling block, but even they are doubting themselves after recently increasing fees for youth players to raise an extra C$450,000 HK$2.73 million in emergency funding in a last-gasp effort to the get their team over the line.

Not helping Hong Kong’s cause is that Canada have a match against Scotland this weekend, giving an indication of how highly they are still regarded by World Rugby.

But the truth is, no one expected Bradbury to win gold and he did and it seems Hong Kong’s path to the Land of the Rising Sun is opening up in similar fashion.

When you add in the clinical fashion with which they dispatched South Korea last weekend and the confidence building in the playing group, Hong Kong featuring in a World Cup certainly doesn’t sound as outlandish as it has in years past.

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