2018 Rugby World Cup Preview

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“At the moment we’re going to focus on just the three games: try to get some positive feedback and play out of that. Once the tour is parked away, we’ll know a little bit more about who’ll play in November. We’ll start discussing that.

“We’ve not made it there yet. We’re still fresh from the losses against Uruguay in January and February to try to put all our cards on the deck for November. daftar poker We think it’s better for a young group of guys who are there at the moment just to focus on the games at hand and then we’ll reconvene after the tour.”

At 32, the South-Africa-born winger could have several seasons left in him, but his post-rugby plans are already well advanced. While he wants to stay in the sport in some capacity, his main aim is to become a firefighter. “I don’t think I would ever not be involved with rugby,” he explained. “I’ve set my sights on becoming a firefighter after rugby, but I would love to be part of Rugby Canada at some point and in some sort of way. I think I have a lot of experiences I can pass down to the younger generation. I like finding young players, working with them and talking to them about their games. If there is a job like that in Canada then hopefully someday I can put my hand up for it.

“I’ve got my qualifications already for firefighting. I went to Texas four years ago with Connor Braid, who was also at Glasgow. We did our training together and I’ve done my first aid here in Glasgow. There are a few things I have to top up, like a driver’s licence, small courses to take to build up the cv that I’ll focus on when I make that decision to retire.

“The Texas course is world-renowned. Australia and New Zealand accept it. It’s for residential firefighting but the forest thing is definitely an option. There are more jobs there. The waiting list at the moment for residential firefighters is about two years, but I could go away and do a summer forest firefighting and pretty much make a yearly wage in three months. You are away from the family, but you might as well get the 

“I would like to live in Victoria some day, but I’ll move anywhere in Canada. It’s a great country and every province has its ups and downs. If you go to Alberta you might struggle with the winter for a year or so but at least you’re getting a great summer. It’s just wherever I can get a job, I think.”